The unmistakable corners of hydra with the pebble alleys and flower decorated homes, complete the beauty, the magic of hydra and reveal its identity. It is worthyfor someone to visit the traditional houses, gaze at the port from the hills, as well as the sunset from periptero and spilia and visit the 6 monasteries and the 300 churches of island.

Specially, pay a visit to the twin monasteries of santa efpaksia and prophet helias, where in 1825 theodoros kolokotronis and other rebellions of the greek revolution were prisoned.

Monastery of santa triada, santa matroni, saint nikolas, holy mother of zouvras,the one of godmother’s dormition (17th. Century), with the church & byzantine museum.

Don’t neglect to visit the churches of ipapanti and saint john, with the astonishing frescos of 18th century, the historical archive-museum and library which hosts  precious editions. Further, visit the port fortications where you may see the canons that used to protect the habitance of hydra.

Last but not least, you are more than welcome to visit the historical residence of lazaros kountouriotis, where is established and operates a branch of national museum of history. Visit the residence of georgios kountouriotis, where musuem of post byzantine art&history operates and the municipal hall of concerts named after melina merkouri, where famous artists’s work is being presented during the whole year.